Badges of Fraud – suspicious circumstances that indicate the possibility of fraud

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badge of fraud:

1. A circumstance generally considered by courts as an indicator that a party to a transaction intended to hinder or defraud the other party, such as a transfer in anticipation of litigation, a transaction outside the usual course of business, or a false statement; an indication of fraudulent intent.
See FRAUD; EARMARK, n. (3). [1]

1. Suspicious circumstances that overhang a transaction, or appear on the face of the appurtenant papers, having evidentiary force unless the suspicion is dispelled by a satisfactory explanation.  Royal Indem Co v McLendon, 64 NM 46, 323 P2d 1090.
     There are many badges of fraud; to enumerate a few, insolvency of a grantor, lack of consideration for a conveyance, secrecy or concealment, etc. 37 Am J2d Frd Conv § 10. [2]

badges of fraud – Suspicious circumstances that give the appearance or suggest the possibility of fraud.  EXAMPLES: the sale of valuable property for a small fraction of its value; an attempt to conceal assets. [3]


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