Guilty Plea – the defendant’s formal admission in court of having committed the charged offense

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guilty – A plea of a criminal defendant who does not contest the charges. [1]

1. The plea of a defendant in a criminal prosecution who admits having committed the crime with which he is charged.  Having guilt; justly chargeable with a crime; not innocent; criminal.  The state of a person who has committed an offense.  Commonwealth v Walter, 83 Pa 105, 108. [2]

1. The plea a defendant in a criminal prosecution admitting having committed the crime with which she is charged. [3]

guilty plea (1942) An accused person’s formal admission in court of having committed the charged offense.  *  A guilty plea must be made voluntarily and only after the accused has been informed of and understands his or her rights.  It ordinarily has the same effect as a guilty verdict and conviction after a trial on the merits.  A guilty plea is usually part of a plea bargain. [1]

1. A voluntary plea by an accused admitting the commission of the act charged as a criminal offense, generally permitted except in capital cases. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 484

In a criminal case, an admission or confession of guilt, a submission without contest, a waiver of defense, as conclusive as a verdict of a jury, admitting all material averments of fact in the accusation, leaving no issue for the jury, except in those instances where the extent of a punishment is to be imposed or found by the jury. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 495. [2]


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