Jury Speech – the opening or closing statement of counsel in a jury trial

jury speech:

1. The opening or closing statement of counsel in a jury trial. — aka jury address. See OPENING STATEMENT; CLOSING ARGUMENT.

opening statement:

1. At the outset of a trial, an advocate’s statement giving the fact-finder a preview of the case and of the evidence to be presented.  *  Although the opening statement is not supposed to b argumentative, lawyers, — purposefully or not — often include some form of argument.  The term is thus sometimes referred to as opening argument. aka opening address. [1]

1. A statement to the jury , or to the court in a trial without a jury, outlining the facts intended to be proved.  State v Sibert, 113 W Va 717, 169 SE 410.

A prefatory statement made in advance of the introduction of evidence, setting forth the nature of the controversy and its salient peculiarities, intended to indicate to court and jury the issues of fact involved.  53 Am J1st Trial § 454. [2]

1. A statement made by the attorney for each party at the beginning fo a trial, outlining to the judge and jury the issues in the case and the facts that each side intends to prove. [3]

closing argument:

1. In a trial, a lawyer’s final statement to the judge or jury before deliberation begins, in which the lawyer requests the judge or jury to consider the evidence and to apply the law in hist or her client’s favor.  *  After the closing arguments, in a jury trial, the judge ordinarily instructs the jury on the law that governs the case. — aka closing statement; final argument; jury summation; summing up; summation; closing address; (in English law) final submission; (in English law) final speech. [1]

closing statement:

1. The closing argument or summation by counsel in a trial. [2]


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