This section mostly provides historical information regarding how the legal system came into being, including cultural influences which helped to shape the system as we know it today.

Legal Precepts Adopted into U.S. Law (from Europe) through the Constitution

  • equity jurisprudence – the legal science of applying moral principles and fairness which supersede otherwise literal translation of common or statutory law.  This system originated in the English Court of Chancery <in appealing to the equity of the court, she was appealing to the “king’s conscience”>.

§ § of Law which came pursuant to the American Revolution

Indian Country Law – history, legal term definitions, maps, political associations, and Supreme Court Rulings, Acts of Congress, and Executive Orders which have historically affected and/or are still in effect.

All Federal Courts – histories, purposes, and functions of each.

Pro Se Self-Help, or Assisting Others as a Non-Attorney – things to know.


Self Help:

Civil Actions (Torts) – how to assert your rights and/or redress wrongs.

Criminal Proceedings – the prevention & commission of accountability for crimes.


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[1]: The UCC Connection by Howard Freeman


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