Versatile Motions – circumstantially applicable pretrial, midtrial, & posttrial:

Motion to Dismissdue to settlement, voluntary withdrawal, or one of several procedural defects

Motion to Quashrequest the court nullify process or an act instituted by the other party or previous court decision (i.e. nullify a warrant or subpoena)

Omnibus Motion – to request multiple forms of relief

Motion to Divide the Questionto break a long or complex motion, usually one covering more than one subject, into shorter motions to be considered independently

Motion to Remandin a case that has been removed from state court to federal court, a party’s request that the federal court return the case to state court, usually because the federal court lacks jurisdiction or because the procedures for removal were not properly followed

Motion to Withdrawattorney’s request for a court’s permission to cease representing a client


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