Immovable Property – land, and objects so firmly attached that they are regarded as part of the land

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n. (usu. pl.) (16c)

1. Property that cannot be moved; an object so firmly attached to land that it is regarded as part of the land. — aka immovable thing.  See FIXTURE. – immovable, adj. [1]

1. Real property and some things attached to realty but not the nature of freehold and constituting personalty rather than realty.  42 Am J1st Prop § 24.

Land and chattels real.  Sneed v Ewing. 28 Ky (5 JJ Marsh) 460. [2]

1. Property that cannot be moved from place to place; real property. [3]

     Excerpt from John Salmond’s Jurisprudence (Glanville L. Williams ed., 10th ed. 1947):

     “Considered in its legal aspect, an immovable, that is to say, a piece of land, includes the following elements:

1. A determinate portion of the earth’s surface.
2. The ground beneath the surface down to the centre of the world. All the pieces of land in England meet together in one terminable point at the earth’s centre.
3. Possibly the column of space above the surface ad infinitum.


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