Presentment of Englishry –


Presentment of Englishry:

1. Hist. The offering of proof that a slain person was English rather than (before the Conquest) a Dane or (after the Conquest) a Norman.  *  This requirement was issued first by the conquering Danes and then by the Normans to protect these groups from the English by the threat of a village or hundred wide amercement if the inhabitants failed to prove that a dead person found among them was English. [1]

1. A relic of the Conquest.  In England, under Norman rule, Englishry was said to be presented when it was proved that a murdered man was an Englishman, and thus the murdered man was an Englishman, and thus the county was saved from an amercement which otherwise would have been imposed upon it.  See 4 Bl Comm 195. [2]


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