Wrongful Eviction – the wrongful dispossession of someone from property:


Dispossession by process of law ; the act of depriving a person of the possession of lands which he has held, in pursuance of the judgment of a court.  Technically, the dispossession must be by judgment of law; if otherwise, it is an ouster.  The abandonment which one is obliged to make of a thing, in pursuance of a sentence by which he is condemned to do so.” [1] “(16c.) The act or process of legally dispossessing a person of land or rental property.” [2]


(16c.) 1. The wrongful dispossession or exclusion of someone from property. 2. Removal from a position of power; especially, the removal of a public or corporate officer from office.”

Types of Wrongful Evictions:

Constructive Eviction – a landlord’s act of making premises unfit for occupancy, often with the result that the tenant is compelled to leave.

Retaliatory Eviction – a nearly always illegal eviction that is commenced in response to a tenant’s complaints or involvement in activities with which the landlord disapproves of.


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[1]:  Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black & Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. ISBN: 978-0-314-62130-6


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