Jury Panel Selection Process:

Jury Commissioner – an official who is responsible for compiling jury lists, drawing jurors for a panel, and then summoning them for duty.

Jury Duty – the obligation to serve on a jury or the act thereof.

Jury List – a roster of all people within a jurisdiction who possess the necessary legal qualifications for jury duty, or a list of people who have been placed on a jury panel.

Jury Panel – the jury (list) empaneled for the trial of a particular case. — aka venire (pronounced “veh-neer”).

Jury Process – the papers served on or mailed to potential jurors to compel their attendance, and the procedure by which jurors are summoned and their attendance is enforced.

Jury Wheel – a physical device or electronic system used for storing and randomly selecting names of potential jurors.

Jury Shuffle – a process for rearranging jury panel members (“veniremembers“) whereby cards are shuffled to rearrange their seating before voir dire (jury selection) begins.

Talesmen – a juror summoned from among bystanders in the courthouse to complete a jury panel when, because of challenge or other cause, there is not a petit jury to determine a civil or criminal case because the original jury panel has been exhausted. — aka tales-juror.

Veniremember – a prospective juror; a member of a jury panel.

Voir Dire (Examination) – a preliminary examination of a prospective juror by a judge or litigant(‘s counsel) to decide whether the prospect is qualified and suitable to serve on a jury.