qualified ownership (interest) – shared, restricted to a particular use, or limited in the extent of its enjoyment; less than absolute ownership

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qualified ownership:

1. Ownership that is shared, restricted to a particular use, or limited in the extent of its enjoyment. [1]

qualified owner:

1. The owner of a qualified interest in a thing. [2]

qualified interest:

1. An interest in property under which control falls short of the absolute, the property not being objectively and lawfully appropriated to one’s use in exclusion of all other persons. Griffith v Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad Co. 23 SC 25.
See qualified fee. [2]

1. An interest in property that is less than absolute.  EXAMPLES: a fee tail; a fee simple conditional. [3]

Types of Qualified Ownership:

shareholders – owns a proportional part (share) of a corporation’s capital, granting the right to participate in the company’s general management and to share in its net profits or earnings. — aka stockholders.

Types of Shared Ownership Without Controlling Interest:

incorporeal ownership – ownership interest in land or chattels without the right to use or control, as with mineral rights.

stakeholder someone who has an interest or concern in a business or enterprise, though not necessarily as an owner, and whose interest may possibly be contested.


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by Jack Ballantine 
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[3]:  Categorized and arranged by Wild Willpower PAC.


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