Types of Juries used in Specific, Complex Cases:

Blue-Ribbon Jury – consists of persons of particular advanced education or special training in order to hear a complex civil case or to sit in a grand juries.

Dual Juries – two separately impaneled juries for two (or two sets of) defendants in a single trial — some evidence being common to both defendants, and some not — in which each jury renders a separate verdict.

Sheriff’s Jury – selected and summoned by a sheriff to hold inquests for various purposes (i.e. assessing damages, ascertaining the mental condition of an alleged lunatic, or to render verdict re: ownership of personal property seized under execution).

Special or “Struck” Jury – usually at a party’s request, “striking a jury” from a panel drawn specifically for an unusually important or complicated case, followed by allowing parties to alternate in striking from a list any person whom she does not wish to have on the jury.