Actions for Recovering Real Property (land or buildings):

action of ejectment – an owner or occupier who was wrongfully ejected recovers possession, damages, & costs.

  • action for mesne profits – following a successful act of ejectment, a suit brought by a landowner to recover from losses resulted from 1.) the use of the land during the wrongful occupation 2.) the costs of the ejectment.

action of assize: (1804) 1. Hist. A real action by which the plaintiff proves title to land merely by showing an ancestor’s possession.  See ASSIZE. 

petitory action – an action for the recovery of real property by showing an proving title to ownership. — aka petitory suit; petitorium; revendication.

local action – an action that can be brought only in the jurisdiction where the cause of action arose because that is the only place such action could possible arise (i.e. involving real property).



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