Indian Land – land owned by the U.S. but held in trust for & used by the American Indians

Indian land:

1. Land owned by the United States but held in trust for & used by the American Indians. [1]

1. Lands allotted to and in the possession of an Indian tribe.  Lands reserved under acts of Congress for occupancy by Indian tribes.  United States v Powers, 305 US 527, 83 L Ed 330, 59 S Ct 344.

2. Lands held in trust for Indians by the United States. McCurdy v United States, 264 US 484, 68 L Ed 801, 44 S Ct 345.

3. Lands owned by the United States and subject to sale by it, but in the manner and for the purposes provided for in the special agreements of the government with the Indians.  Ash Sheep Co. v United States, 252 US 159, 166, 64 L Ed 507, 511, 40 S Ct 241.

4. Lands to which Indians have a right of perpetual occupancy with the privilege of using them in such manner as they see fit until such right of occupation has been surrendered to the United States, the fee of such land being vested in the United States.  27 Am J1st Indians § 24[2]


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Third Edition
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