§ § of Law Embedded into U.S. Law Pursuant to the American Revolution:

     Each section contains links regarding “where and why in U.S. history” each of the following sections of law became evolved from their forms in pre-contact European history:

Erasure of “Sovereign Immunity” Legal Defense – officers, lawmakers, and administrators may be held accountable for violating civil rights.

  • Lawmaking bodies and executives may be held accountable for instituting Illegal laws “that put officers and civilians in harm’s way.”
  • Officers may be arrested, “Due Process” demanded, and justice may be obtained as a result of color of law crimes.

The 14th Amendment Guarantees Citizens AND non-Citizens “equal protection of the laws” – however it is up to the individual to express themselves via constituting a “reservation of rights.”  This indicates to the officer that there is a respect for their fiduciary position as well.

State Employees Swear to Uphold The U.S. Constitution and The State Constitution – bound beneath & to uphold often conflicting statutes which are expressed between the two.  If an officer enforces a state law that violates your right, the state, county, city, &/or the officer may be liable, depending on the circumstances.  See color of law crimes for more information.

U.S. Embassies -designed to Protect the rights of people overseas AND stop wars.


Civil Proceedings (Torts) – Pro Se Self-Help

Criminal Proceedings Pro Se Self-Help

Intro to U.S. Law

Legal Precepts Adopted (from Europe) into The U.S. Constitution

§ of Law Embedded into the Constitution Pursuant to the American Revolution

Indian Country Law

All Types of Court Orders

Supreme Court Rulings

Federal Rules of Procedure

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