The First Amendment Re-Inforces Freedom for those Aligned with The Preamble:

The First Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof;OR abridging the freedom of speech, OR of the press; OR the right of the people peaceably to assembleAND to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” [1]

     Quote from Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Charles Yancey, a prominent Virginia legislator, in 1816: [2]


First Amendment activity ought be performed in alignment with The Preamble:


In Addition:

The Fourteenth Amendment preemptively reserves all “rights, privileges, & immunities” that Citizens are granted to all civilians (Citizen or not) so long as they are operating with direct regard to The Preamble:

The 14th Amendment

One More Important Issue Prior to Presenting the Supreme Court Rulings:

     As of recent years there has not been a day that goes by wherein two inseparable “issues” are brought to the public’s attention:

1. Sharia-related violence against secular institutions.

2. Racial animosity (“racism”) plaguing the hearts minds, and lives of persons everywhere.

     As administrator of this website, I feel emotionally and morally compelled to add a personal note of clarity regarding “where the law stands” on these issues, while other issues intrinsic to the heart of these problems are redressed within the national plan compiled by The Public Intelligence Agency’s parent organization, Wild Willpower:

Whereas neither racial supremacy groups nor the incorporation of Islam are in alignment with, and in fact they both directly violate, The Preamble —

furthermore both organizations, according to their current charter (foundational documents) directly violate 18 USC §241. Conspiracy against rights:

therefore it is an accurate determination to profess that both organizations have been illegally harboring themselves beneath the First Amendment while claiming immunity thereby illegally, as depicted concisely in the following graphic: 

     While many other organization structures could be named to also fit the above description, it is not our intent to prosecute or persecute anyone: our intent is to notify anyone reading this that if your organization is “not in alignment with The Preamble” and you have chosen to do business in the United States, it is time to update your charter.  More information will be made available asap.

One More Vital Nuance of Information to Address on this Topic Before We Present the Rulings:

     Personal responsibility of First Amendment use, for the purpose of harm reduction, ought be done in kind consideration  for the burden imposed upon merchants by the commerce clause.  Merchants and certain public officials including those holding administrative positions are held accountable to international law: if the economy were to collapse tomorrow, and there was no sustainable infrastructure in place to take care of the needs of families, people would suffer. (more information coming soon)

     For now, here is the information you came here to find:

Supreme Court rulings reinforcing First Amendment Rights:

Copyrighted Materials May Be Used “To Educate” – called “Fair Use” in law.

“First Amendment activities” protected in front of ALL Shopping Centers; “shopping center” is defined as “3 or more businesses in the same building”

Filming On-Duty Public Officials in Public Spaces is an *Assumed Right*according to 5 U.S. Supreme Court rulings

“Giving Money” may be done as “A Form of Expression”which or course means other things may be as well!

This page was last updated on 11-10-2017.


[1]: Transcript of the Bill of Rights on

[2]: Thomas Jefferson graphic:

[3]: “The Fourteenth Amendment” on Cornell University’s website:


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