Intangible Movable – a physical thing that can be moved but that cannot be touched in the usual sense, such as a legal right, light, electricity, and radioactive waves

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intangible movable:

1. A physical thing that can be moved but that cannot be touched in the usual sense.  Examples are light and electricity. [1]

     Excerpt from R.H. Graveson, Conflict of Laws 470 (7th ed. 1974):

     “‘Intangible movables’ is a term of art in the common law which has been applied more widely than its meaning literally justifies, which is merely to those things that have physical existence and can be moved, though cannot be touched in the normal sense, such as light, electricity and radioactive waves.   In English law the term has been generally applied to interests created by law which have only a legal, not a physical existence, and are accordingly capable only of legal, not physical, movement. it is convenient, however, to retain a term which is generally accepted and understood in this special legal meaning.[2]

2. Scots law. A nonheritable right. — aka (BrE) moveable. — movable, adj.

     “Moveables are, in the phraseology of the law of Scotland, opposed to heritage; so that every species of property, and every right a person can hold, is by that law either heritable or moveable. Hence, moveables are not merely corporeal subjects capable of being moved, but every Species of property, corporeal or incorporeal, which does not descend to the heir in heritage.[3]


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[2]: R.H. Graveson, Conflict of Laws 470 (7th ed. 1974).

[3]: William Bell, Bell’s Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland 662 (George Watson ed., 1882).


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