Supreme Court Rulings favoring Pro Se Litigants

Haines v. Kerner,
404 U. S. 519 (1972) (per curiam).

     “Whatever may be the limits on the scope of inquiry of courts into the internal administration… allegations such as those asserted by petitioner, however inartfully pleaded, are sufficient to call for the opportunity to offer supporting evidence… under the allegations of the pro se complaint [are held] to ‘less stringent standards’ than formal pleadings drafted by lawyers

Baldwin County Welcome Center v. Brown,
466 U. S. 147 (1984) (per curiam).

     “Pleadings shall be so construed as to do substantial justice.  We frequently have stated that pro se pleadings are to be given a liberal construction.

     Besides these Supreme Court Rulings, we’ve put together a section on

Pro Se Self-Help, or Assisting Others as a Non-Attorney – things to know


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[1]: All cases cited using the Supreme Court of The United States’ “Case Citation Finder”:


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