Counties operate under the Uniform Commercial Code:

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   Have you ever thought about the fact that most County governments became established several years – even decades– before States were formed?  For one of many examplesMorton County (North Dakota) [1] was originally created in 1873.[2][3] North Dakota, however, did not become a State until years later in 1889!  When the North Dakota State Constitution became adopted, Article VII Section 3 defined counties such as MortonEmmons, and others as “Political Subdivisions”.  The state constitution then adopted them into the State “as they now exist”: The several counties of the state of North Dakota as they now exist are hereby declared to be counties of the state of North Dakota.“[5]  Due to the fact that the several counties throughout Dakota Territory (1861-1889) were previously organized as Corporations (see below), counties continued to operate in the manner that corporations operate according to U.S. law.   What is the purpose of a corporation?

    1919 Supreme Court ruling Dodge v. Ford Motor Co 170 NW 668 (Mich 1919) instituted into rule oflaw: “The purpose of a corporation is to make a profit for the shareholders, but a court will not interfere with decisions that come under the business judgment of directors.[4]

     According to the Small Business Administration website, “If you are conducting business transactions outside of your state, such as borrowing money, leasing equipments, establishing contracts and selling goods, you need to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

     The following are some examples of County Corporations listed on Dun & Bradstreet:

Morton County, North Dakota on Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corps:

Superior Court of California in Ventura County registered under Sheila Gonzalez – read more about Sheila Gonzalez in the L.A. Times

L.A. Superior Court registered under Robin Sanchez

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“Superior Court Reporting Services” in Washington, D.C. registered under “SHERI STEWART”


“Superior Court of Pennsylvania” registered under John Musmanno in Pittsburg

“Superior Court of California” in Berkeley, California registered under Lori Rodekohr

“SUPERIOR COURT HOUSE” in Indio, California

“Superior Court of NJ” registered under “Bruce Piekarsky”


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