Pecuniary Damages – damages that can be estimated and monetarily compensated, as opposed to nonpecuniary damages, which require nonmonetary (equitable) remedies; the term “pecuniary loss” is often used in wrongful death cases


1. Involving money or money’s worth.  Financial pertaining or relating to money; capable of being estimated, computer, or measured by money value. [1]

pecuniary damages:

1. Damages that can be estimated and monetarily compensated.  *  Although this phrase appears in many old cases, it is now widely considered a redundancy since damages are always pecuniary. [2]

1. See pecuniary injury; pecuniary loss.

pecuniary injury:

1. An injury, the damages from which are measurable in money.  Such an injury as can be, and usually is, without difficulty, estimated by a money standard.  Broughel v Southern New England Tel. Co. 73 Conn 614, 621.

pecuniary loss:

1. A loss of money or of something by which money or someting of money value may be acquired.  Dow v Legg, 120 Neb 271, 231 NW 747, 74 ALR 5; Green v Hudson River Railroad Co. (NY) 32 Barb 25, 33.
     As this term is used in death statutes allowing the “pecuniary damages” resulting to the beneficiaries to be recovered in an action, the words are not used in a sense of the immediate loss of money or property, but they look to the prospective advantages of a pecuniary nature which have been cut off by the premature death of the person from whom they have proceeded.  22 Am J2d Dth § 123. [2]

1. A loss of money; a loss by which money, or that which has a monetary value, may be acquired.  As used in connection with a wrongful death action, the beneficiaries’ economic loss due to the premature death of the decedent. [3]


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