Writs for Recovering Property, Estates, or Damages as a Result of Loss Thereof:

Proprietary Writ ownership of something is sought to be restored, whether lands, goods, or money, including writs of debt, detinue, & account

Writ of Attachmentorders legal seizure of a property or person to satisfy a creditor’s claim

Writ of Executiondirects officers to enforce a judgment, often, but not always, by seizing & selling the judgment debtor’s property

     Writs Pertaining to an Action of Ejectment (recovery of land):

Writ of Ejectment – used for the recovery of land

Writ of Entry – allows a person wrongfully dispossessed of real property to enter & retake the property

Writ of Escheat – allows a lord to take possession of lands that had reverted to him when a tenant dies without heirs

Writ of Estrepement – to prevent waste by a tenant while a suit to recover the land is pending against the tenant (replaced by injunction)

Writs to Recover Property (estates) of Ancestors/Relatives


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Rules of Procedure

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