Arrest Warrant – issued by a disinterested magistrate shown probable cause; directs a law-enforcement officer to arrest and take a person into custody

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arrest warrant:

1. A warrant issued by a disinterested magistrate after showing of probable cause, directing a law-enforcement officer to arrest and take a person into custody. — aka warrant of arrest. [1]

Legal process issued by a court directing a law enforcement officer to arrest a named person on a specified charge. [3]

warrant of arrest:

1. A legal process issued by competent authority, directing the arrest of a person or persons upon grounds stated therein, usually directed to a regular officer of the law, but occasionally issued to a private person name in it. 5 Am J2d Arr § 7. [2]

Related Terms:

return of warrant – a return of an arrest warrant, by the officer to whom it was given, showing substantially that the officer operated within the scope of proper execution.


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