Village – a modest assemblage of houses and buildings for dwellings and businesses or a municipal corporation with a smaller population than a city

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1. Traditionally, a modest assemblage of houses and buildings for dwellings and businesses.

2. In some states, a municipal corporation with a smaller population than a city. — aka (in sense 2) townborough.

1. A word whose meaning varies from state to state.  In most states, it simply means a small community with residences and, sometimes, businesses clustered together; in other states, it means a municipal corporation smaller than, or no larger than, a town. [3]

1. A municipal corporation of limited population.  A small municipality characterized by business and residential structures reasonably contiguous.  State ex rel. Lorenzino v McKinley County, 20 NM 67, 145 P 1083.

1. An assemblage of houses in an area which may be incorporated or unincorporated.  37 Am J1st Mun Corp § 5. [3]


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