Sufficient Evidence – evidence such as will satisfy an unprejudiced mind of the truth of that which the court or jury has found to be the fact

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sufficient evidence:

1. Evidence that is sufficient to satisfy an unprejudiced mind seeking the truth. – aka satisfactory evidence; satisfactory proof. [1]

1. Abstractly, evidence of such probative value as to support the verdict of the jury or a finding of fact by the court.  Practically, evidence such as will satisfy an unprejudiced mind of the truth of that which the court or jury has found to be the fact. Re Cruson, 189 Or 537, 221 P2d 892, 20 ALR2d 219.

Where a statute provides that the schedule of rates fixed by the commissioners shall be“su1iicient” evidence that the rates thus ftxed were just and reasonable, the word “sufficient” does not mean “conclusive.” Pensacola & Atlantic Railroad Co. v State, 25 Fla 310, 5 So 833. [2]

1. Evidence that will satisfy an unprejudiced mind of the truth.

2. Enough evidence in law to support a verdict. [3]

satisfactory proof:

1. Convincing evidence.  Sufficient evidence.  Evidence such as to satisfy an unprejudiced mind of the truth. 30 Am J2d Ev § 1080.
     To be satisfied of the truth of anything implies the absence of a reasonable doubt, but it does not imply the absence of belief that there is a possibility that the thing is not true.  The jury may believe there is a possibility of the defendant’s innocence, and yet property convict him; for although it may be possible he was innocent, yet they may be entirely satisfied that he was guilty.  People v Phipps, 39 Cal 326, 334. [2]

1. Proof that is credible. [3]

    See weight of the evidence.
Compare conclusive evidence; insufficient evidence. [3]


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