“Essential Supreme Court Decisions (16th Ed.)” by John R. Vile – cited throughout this website

     Throughout this website you’ll find various Supreme Court Rulings that are referenced.  Although we’ve derived decision summaries from numerous sources which are cited accordingly throughout the site, worth special mention is Rowman & Littlefield’s Essential Supreme Court Decisions 16th Edition by John R. Vile.  It is important to note that rulings which are to be found out of alignment with the law can be challenged and overturned via setting a precedent.  As always, all material throughout this cite are utilized in accordance with Fair Use.

Engraved on the front of the U.S. Supreme Court:

Special thanks to Leon Reed on Flickr for the above photo we’re utilizing in accordance with Fair Use.


Civil Proceedings (Torts) – Pro Se Self-Help

Criminal Proceedings Pro Se Self-Help

Intro to U.S. Law

Legal Precepts Adopted (from Europe) into The U.S. Constitution

§ § of Law Embedded into the Constitution Pursuant to the American Revolution

Indian Country Law

All Types of Court Orders

Supreme Court Rulings

Federal Rules of Procedure

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