Amendment: ‘A Coalition of Nations for Human Rights’

This page is constructed in order to propose An International Coalition for the Purpose of Protecting Human Rights AND Native Ecosystems & Traditional Was of Living for Future Generations, and for All Humanity Still Alive Today”, AND for the purpose of authorizing the following Constitutional Amendment to be added to The Constitution of The United States:

“No organization which instigates people to murder or oppress innocent people within its doctrines, is permitted to operate within this nation (“State”, “Territory”, etc) OR any territory under United States jurisdiction.”

Note:  Many will point out that all religions are protected under “The First Amendment”, however any organization which teaches to murder or oppress innocent people is not in alignment with The Preamble & is also in direct violation of U.S.C. Title 42 Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights.

We demand that all organizations operating with such agenda &/or with bylaws (under any name- including “scriptures”) which teach or uphold any views which divide people against others in any way must Reform their doctinres or be closed & no longer permitted to operate.

Reformation or Closure”

This page is being assembled to peaceably educate as to why such Amendment must be enacted ASAP to save lives; please scroll through this page & witness all the content before making an important decision regarding this plan of action, then add your name to the Petition below so that our Representatives can hear our voice & make this happen.

Upton Sinclair

This is not about one particular organization, however this is about specific organizations  (some Corporate, some Religious, & some other) which have been thoroughly investigated in order to assert our position, as this is the “moral only option we have left”.  This page covers several organizations, so let us begin with this must-see video presentation, then please continue scrolling down in order to gather all the information.  Thank you.

    Our purpose is not to speak against the safety of anyoneour purpose is to close organizations which train people to murder & oppress innocent people rather than to jeopardize the safety of some people in favor of “bully organizations who oppress others financially or otherwise”.  We are selecting resolve rather than escalation.

    We Are “Taking a Stand Against Unjust Laws Which Have Been Embedded Into Manmade Religions”: We are DENOUNCING Bad Ideas Rather than Fanning The Flames of Injustice By Targeting People, But Some Things Must Be Outlawed, for not ALL “Religious Scribes & Authorities” are teaching ethical things, & we have HEROES OF HISTORY whose BIG FOOTSTEPS we are following & reminding people of!

    We are speaking for the safety & protection of all people, & we are also addressing very real issues in a way which helps all of humanity break free from the shackles of oppression, & grab the reins to a future in which “all people are created equal, & due inalienable rights endowed by our creator”.  Unfortunately, not all organizations or individuals have used “The Creator” to protecthonor people, but instead to instigate masses to murder innocent people based upon the dogmas in which their particular organization professes AS “The Will of The Creator”.

    Please read & hear our concerns– we are seeking to bridge gaps & understanding— NOT to ‘isolate & alienate’– but this is important to address as we have real cultural differences which have cost thousands of years of war– millions of lives lost— & conquest is NOT the way for us to all move forward in a good way for all people & the planet for future generations.  My heart & concern goes to all people right now– please read these words– it is a sensitive subject– but there are issues we all must face– Muslim & non-Muslim alike: DID JESUS EVER SPEAK ABOUT THE COMING OF MUHAMMAD?  EVIDENCE STRONGLY INDICATES:

Mathew Chapter 7:  True and False Prophets

15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

True and False Disciples

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Here is One Christian’s Words on This Issue:

“Islam” is Not The Only Organization using God’s Name to Instigate Injustice Against Innocent People via “Mixing Manmade Laws From A Uni-Cultural Perspective in Order To Oppress People of More Tolerant, Compassionate, & Inclusive Worldviews”:

FAQ:  But What About Judaism?  Don’t Jewish People Say to Kill Gay & Transgender People?

No they don’t; The Old Testament is the historical record of “The Birth of The Nation of Israel”, which has been under constant attack since its birth long ago, but who has also come a LONG way in protecting human rights.  Today they defend themselves against constant political & physical attacks.  Please watch this video to learn more:

What millions across the globe are doing is completely unprecedented, & would not be possible without the advent of the internet– something our warring ancestors did not have access to in order to attain intercultural appreciation & understanding in the way we are now capable of being able to do– THANK GOODNESS! We are collectively– Muslim & non-Muslim alike– raising concerns about “the organization of Islam” (& other organizations) due to the injustices within the core doctrines of Islam (The Qu’ran & Hadith) which propagate great injustices, such as:
1.) Female genital mutilation. (look it up– including the verses which back it)
2.) The incitations of murdering lesbians, gay people, bisexuals, transgender patients, ‘ethical polygamists who love each other & who seek to help their surrounding communities”, comparing LGBT people to pedophiles & beastiality– & so on– in general: “ill will being spread”. It is difficult to “help the community” when having derogatory injustices espoused against ones life which can cause lack of ability to get hired, & also can cause great physical abuse, as well as “murders while maintaining political impunity” by Muslims “adhering to their faith” by participating in such murders– even if the participation is through mere tacit consent.
3.) Murdering apostates: “apostates” are considered people who choose no longer to be Muslim based upon new understandings of the world around them (often provided by education which conflicts with core tenets of Islam), & then who choose to speak out against injustices propagated by the organization of Islam, as all “sects” operate beneath the same core doctrines (Hadith & Qu’ran): even though each sect may vary in their interpretations, some of the “violent & immoral scriptures” are written directly in the core doctrine in which all sects venerate: the Qu’ran & Hadith are “common doctrines” to all sects.

4.) Destruction & disregard for other peoples’ cultures– referring to evidence of other peoples’ cultures as “idols of worship”, & then using that as justification to destroy those peoples’ knowledge of their own historical perspective. If someone worships & prays in a different way, & that way is not causing injustice, then it is a crime to attack the person or destroy their property. If they are causing injustice– seek to lawfully halt the injustice, but do not undermine the safety & well-being & sense of security others have earned & inherently deserve; please be considerate to this– this is something also which has been causing cultural tensions, thus putting “good-hearted people in harm’s way”– including yourselves & other Muslims. If you are in a progressive Muslim sect, please consider spreading these concerns to help make peace in the world, rather than seeking to downplay the cultural genocides which have been strategically occurring beneath the flag of Islam. Seek also the Muslim Reform Movement to find others who are already involved in facing & denouncing injustices embedded within the organizational construct of Islam, & sincerely– *bless your path to safety, knowledge, & new understanding of the world & of The Creator*, that our children might be born into a better & more loving & safe paradigm than we were blessed to be born into.


5.) Demanding “unaccountability through intimidation” to any crimes which happen under “the umbrella of Islam” while simultaneously demanding impunity under The First Amendment; unfortunately this “impunity to criticism” has been used as a way to harbor violence against fellow civilians & endanger the public; Islam does not “make it” TO The First Amendment as it has not made it past The Preamble (please read The Preamble). If you don’t know what The Preamble is & you don’t care, then you need to learn more about this nation & our principles, as we as a people are bound to the protection of human rights (safety & respect) which come FIRST, & also to the protection of Native Americans & the protection of THEIR cultures from the threat of any organization which may grow to threaten their safety. We as Americans & as people of honor & love, have “Treaty obligations” attached to our Constitutional Rights, Privileges, & Immunities; these Treaty obligations were set forth by our our “Founding Fathers” who embarked upon a mission to design a political organization which guarantees justice, safety, & liberty to all people, which INCLUDES the safety & protection of Native Americans under The Treaty Clause: we cannot keep The People safe while simultaneously destroying ecosystems through mismanagement & negligence, so therefore we must manage resources better as a nation. Too many Treaties have already been violated, & the introduction of Islam & “the cultural divides that followed our people (Indo-European descent) to this nation” cannot be introduced HERE, as we have a Promise of Peace & Safety & Restoration to fulfill in which *any organization* which threatens *that purpose* is not welcome to be in operation– THIS is the reason slavery was outlawed, why America invaded Nazi Germany, & why today we have been seeking to stop violence & injustice caused by the expansion of the Islamic ideal.

We are coming together as people who have read the corresponding verses of the Qu’ran & Hadith which condone the above mentioned heinous crimes against human rights, & also as a people who have listened to thousands of personal testimonies of many now-concerned people– both non-Muslim & ex-Muslim alike, & evidence strongly indicates that “many don’t realize the religion entails these aspects until after they have already joined & it is too late”, & after a generation or two down the line, the family lineage then becomes “stuck”– fully immersed beneath the laws of sharia & the emotional self-mutilation that can damage the psyche of otherwise free & loving natural people who love The Creator, but cannot in our hearts rightly believe that we are to murder LGBT people or apostates & so on; it is immoral, & as we are said to be “created in the image of God”, we should take that to mean that these feelings are true & right, & it is only moral to speak up for ALL people– as we are speaking up for YOUR descendants- that they might be raised into a world whose societal construct that was built by their ancestors truly serves them & cares for them without compromising the planet OR their safety for the “crime” of trying to make it a better one.

We have a concern that within pre-dominately Muslim communities, it can become “too late to speak out”, as “the enforcers of the religion” are then in control, & there is no escape but through death or running away, & as the world grows smaller– there are becoming less places to run to: we are speaking up for the future generations of YOUR children as well as ours, as well as for the safety of people & nature today.
Another thing to bring poignant clarity: “pointing out how the doctrines of Islam condone injustice & propagate violence & intolerance” is NOT racist; we are not speaking about a race of people: we are speaking about “the ideology & propaganda within the construct of Islam as an organization”: THAT is our concern. Jesus is never recorded to have said to murder ANYONE, & he spoke out several times AGAINST injustice, & so we cannot get behind the false wall of indifference & expect safety from the looming empire of Islam as it continues to grow in & around our communities, & with continued growing resentment to civil rights protecting nations.

People who are considering becoming Muslim deserve a right to know *ahead of time* regarding the above stipulations as to “what being a devout Muslim entails”, but we suspect that is not what they are getting. We suspect people are converting, & then the laws are being enforced, & people become afraid to speak out– as many have already voiced IS a very real concern. If people ARE learning that they are supposed to “for instance” murder LGBT people & THEN they are joining the organization, then they do not have impunity from the law (U.S.C. Title 42 “Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights”, “Aiding & Abetting”, “Action for Neglect to Prevent”, & so on).
I feel comfortable talking with Muslims, but I would certainly not feel safe or comfortable or feel like the government was doing it’s job to keep me safe if a mosque were built next door to my house– especially if inside that mosque the imam was spreading intolerance as well as citing verses of “violence coupled with unaccountability”: it appears that “the way that these types of organizations generally operate”– is that they are at first peaceable & show their best side, however one or two generations down the line– people begin to realize what they have been funding, & by that time it is too late– sharia has then become “the law of the land”, & injustice occurs rampantly & with political impunity.
LGBT people especially deserve more consideration in this– we deserve the confidence of safety, & to enable an organization which teaches within its core doctrine to murder us is to endanger the fellow Citizen & to violate The Preamble, a doctrine which was set forth BY Christians seeking to escape religious persecution, & also to stand for the principles of justice, mercy, & good faith that Jesus is professed to have advocated for– which is NOT what these “early American revolutionaries” were getting from THEIR religious institutions at the time. They built this “doctrine of human rights” after having had hindsight, but they did not have the internet, & they could not analyze the political spectrum of the world with any real accuracy in the way that we can do today. It was difficult to “see inside other cultures” in order to isolate the roots of what are causing the injustices to be enabled within various cultures– we have a new place in history now to “learn from the past & prepare for the future, & to transcend dogmas without it shaking our faiths”.
Furthermore, when people downplay the aspects of Islam mentioned above as well as similar aspects of concern, & enable the injustices to continue to propagate through “tacit consent”, it is a danger to the coming generations as well as to the safety of people today. America– much like Christianity– has a history of great injustice, but it has only been when our core doctrines have been violated by those who don’t really care about them or the principles in which we stand for– that injustice has occurred from beneath our flag. To further compromise what we’ve never really had the opportunity to firmly establish due to incessant political hijackings & turncoats– to enable further compromise by allowing organizations which outrightly seek to undermine & subvert these principles through media, political gains (creating injustices from beneath our flag in order to force our flag to the ground & thus enable injustice to rein again), & vigilantism– to enable such organizations to exist without critique AND with impunity– is to not only endanger the coming generations of OTHER peoples’ children, but it accomplices all the future crimes in which these organizations seek to harbor according to their core doctrines.
To say nothing– to ignore the thousands of voices of those who are speaking out across the world– from ex-Muslims risking their lives to help us see what is being hidden, to people in Europe now explaining its official– they’re “being invaded” (while others keep downplaying this cultural takeover)– is to enable the danger to continue to grow like a cancer. There is no problem resolution– no plan for safety– just “Deal with it” is being said to we who are concerned enough to do the research– which then unfairly & unjustly throws OUR grandchildren into danger, & that is why we are speaking up to “close & defund all Islamic organizations”– which again is NOT racist NOR does that message endanger the lives of Muslims OR non-Muslims in its plan for problem resolution.
Lastly, I have personally been attacked by random zealots who had a stigma against bi-gendered people based upon what they’d been taught within their religious institutions, & each time I survived only because a hero/stranger intervened– unless one experiences that, they don’t realize what danger is being unleashed into our country OR other countries, nor the importance of precaution & safety on the several dangers in which the organization of Islam (as well as other organizations which are NOT directly addressed in this post) possesses, nor the value of the heroes who intervene against injustice.
Organizations which teach to murder innocent people cannot be operated within this nation or other nations who seek to protect & ensure the safety of humans via honoring human rights, & we should be clear & nonviolent in our broadcasting as to WHY these organizations are being shut down– to protect peoples’ lives. The FBI has already busted more than one Islamic charity which has been funneling resources to Islamic statists, & France’s authorities have also made such findings– we cannot monitor ALL Islamic organizations– we don’t have the resources– & we SEE what is happening. Peaceable Muslims who do NOT condone or support the injustices embedded within the core doctrines of Islam are being illegally extorted when the money they give to Islamic organizations is being used to propagate political takeovers which enforce these unjust principles. We are calling for an executive order to close & defund all Islamic organizations for public safety purposes. No one today can start up an organization which teaches to murder innocent people within their “Articles of Incorporation” according to the law, nor should people be permitted to; its preposterous as well as outright dangerous.
We are not racist. We are not “phobic”: if we were “phobic” we would be scared & we would be saying nothing. It is clear our concerns are legitimate, & we have a nonviolent plan for problem resolution & to alleviate animosity rather than to enable our indifferences to continue to breed violence, war, & oppression. We must “nip this issue in the bud”.

Thank you so much for reading; thoughtful replies from anyone are so welcome, as this issue touches all our lives, as well as all the lives of our unborn children.
Please watch this video & become informed: