WHEREAS all people– both Officers AND Civilians– the wealthy and the poor– have all had our Rights violated via having Common Law (ie “Universal Human Rights” & “the sciences”) which are supposed to be upheld by The Constitution abrogated behind a set of “commercial codes” which the public
a.) Did not consent to being governed under as an alternative to the types of decisions government officials are intended to make under The Law.
b.) Ended up being born into an ecologically-decimated atmosphere wherein “economic law” effectively was used to replace & withhold Common Law.

Because all peoples’ Rights were & are being violated– Officer & Civilian alike– We, The People of The United States & all other parties interested in joining such Coalition, do hereby present the following “Redress of Grievances” in order to attain Satisfaction for the damages & personal injuries we have & still do occur for being raised into such predicament and in order to help free future generations from the paradigm in which we were born into:

A Proposed Constitutional Amendment Upheld By ‘A Coalition of Nations for Human Rights’

An Unprecedented Plan, & The New Technology Which Makes It Possible

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