Event #3: I filed 2 Liability Claims w/ The City of Grass Valley

Below are the 2 “tort forms” aka “Liability Claim” forms I submitted to the City of Grass Valley after my civil rights violated by local officers.  Below each photo everything I wrote has been also typed up so its simpler for you to read:

(this page in making; unfinished)

Tort 5-17 front

Liability Claim 5-21-14 back
Tort 5-17 attchmnt p1

Liability Claim 5-17-14 attachment 2

Tort 5-17 attchmnt p3

Liability Claim form # 2:

Liability Claim 5-21-14 front

Liability Claim 5-21-14 back

Liability Claim 5-21-15 attachment

Liability Claim attachment p2

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