Event #2: Footage & Transcript from 5-21-14 (aka “Pack the Courtroom!” pre-trial documentary pt. 2)

Event #2  May 21st, 2014


[Begin Transcript]

Transcript of Footage from 5-21-14 Incident (film one)

(Officer Cameron Landon approaching; same location as incident one on 5-17-14; Alexandra Wilson is holding the exact same sign as the related incident on 5-17-14).

Alexandra Wilson: Good morning! I got it recording. (the camcorder)

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea that’s fine. I talked to you last time. (pulls out blank citation booklet)

Alexandra Wilson: Uh huh. (yes). Oh- my hearing’s on the 16th.

Officer Cameron Landon: You’re going to have another one.

Alexandra Wilson: You can only- Eighth Amendment- you can only be tried for something one time.

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts) What was your name?

Alexandra Wilson: Oh, wait!- Eighth Amendment- we can-

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts) Can you give me your full name please?

Alexandra Wilson: Am I being detained?

Officer Cameron Landon: Yes, you are.

Alexandra Wilson: “Alexandra”, “Distance”, “Marie”, “Wilson”.

Officer Cameron Landon: Can you spell that for me?

(Brief exchange as Alexandra Wilson spells her full name for Officer Cameron Landon.)

Alexandra Wilson: But, The Eighth Amendment; we can only get tried for something- I’m innocent until I prove my innocence on the sixteenth, and- umm- so, and I can only be tried for this once. You’ve already given me a ticket. I’ve already showed you I’m going to show up on it.

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts) I haven’t given you a ticket. That was Officer Cloyd.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh, okay, but this is for the same thing. I’m still innocent. You’re still underneath The City- uh- Police Department, so this is still-

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts) What’s a good address for you?

(Alexandra Wilson gives Officer Cameron Landon her mailing address.)

Alexandra Wilson: So, I’ve already told you last time-

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts again) -and what was the road number?

Alexandra Wilson: Wait- hold on one moment- I already told you last time this is harassment. So now, this is further harassment, and I asked you to stop, so I don’t want this citation. This is harassment if you give this to me, and it will be further harassment if you continue contacting me regarding this issue. I am innocent, and it is protected by The Federal Law.

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts again) Tell that to the judge when you go,

Alexandra Wilson: For sure.

Officer Cameron Landon: –and if you’d like to give them a copy of that video, and they can determine whether or not I’m harassing you, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: Okay.

Officer Cameron Landon: But, for now, (continues getting address from Alexandra Wilson.)

Alexandra Wilson: Did you check out the website?

Officer Cameron Landon: You know what- I haven’t yet.

Alexandra Wilson: Its a peaceable assembly of information brought together by a peaceable assembly of citizens.

Officer Cameron Landon: Do you have a phone number?

Alexandra Wilson: Um, do you require it for this?

Officer Cameron Landon: Its not required.

Alexandra Wilson: No, I’d rather not give it at this time.

Officer Cameron Landon: Okay. Do you know your “Driver’s License Number”?

Alexandra Wilson: No- huh uh (no). So, what you told me last time is that three convictions would be a misdemeanor,

Officer Cameron Landon: Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: –and so this is still just a citation. I’m still innocent on the other one completely and I’m still innocent on this.

Officer Cameron Landon: You’re not going to be convicted until you go to court.

Alexandra Wilson: I won’t be convicted either there as well.

Officer Cameron Landon: That’s possible. That’s possible.

Alexandra Wilson: I appreciate your calmness and patience in all this- we’re just remaining cordial in all this- and, cuz- you know, all those veterans died really fought,

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts again) If you don’t mind me asking, are you male or female?

Alexandra Wilson: (continues) –you know, so that you and I would put our federal rights first. Female. I haven’t been able to afford m y medications, unfortunately.

Officer Cameron Landon: -and, your hair? Natural color- is it brown or blonde?

Alexandra Wilson: Its natural color.

Officer Cameron Landon: Blonde?

Alexandra Wilson: Uh huh (yes).

Officer Cameron Landon: -and, your eyes? Green? Blue?

Alexandra Wilson: Blue with hazel in the middle.

Officer Cameron Landon: How tall are you?

Alexandra Wilson: Five ten.

Officer Cameron Landon: And, your weight please?

Alexandra Wilson: About one fifty five. I just want you to know that you do have the right not to write me this citation,

Officer Cameron Landon: I do.

Alexandra Wilson: (continues) -and that every- um- and that this can and will be used against you in the court of law.

Officer Cameron Landon: Are you reading me my Miranda Rights? Is that what you’re doing?

Alexandra Wilson: No- I’m just letting you know so that you know.

Officer Cameron Landon: Thank you. I appreciate the information.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea. I appreciate your service as well.

Officer Cameron Landon: Thank you.

Alexandra Wilson: All doing our parts, huh?

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea, we’re trying.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea. No, we’ve got such a good plan for the economy and to fix everything, I just got to communicate with fellow citizens as much as possible and this is kind of the best way to do it right now. I’ve just been telling everybody about the website, “Go to the website. Go to the website”. I’m not even asking people for anything. I’m just looking for people to get the information that we require to make things better for everyone. I don’t want to see suffering on this planet- tired of that, huh?

Officer Cameron Landon: That’s right. (continues filling out citation).

Alexandra Wilson: Are you required to do this? I’m curious.

Officer Cameron Landon: Am I required to cite you?

Alexandra Wilson: Are you required to cite me because you see me here?

Officer Cameron Landon: No.

Alexandra Wilson: Why are you choosing to out of curiosity?

Officer Cameron Landon: Well, I’m choosing to because you were warned last week in the same location. My, uh- my partner cited you.

Alexandra Wilson: -and you were here as well, and I informed you of our rights then

Officer Cameron Landon: -and I was here.

Alexandra Wilson: -at the same time. So, this is coming from the same agency, so I think that this court date should also still be on the sixteenth. Its the same thing because I’m still I’m still… under The Eighth Amendment you can only get tried once for any given thing, and we’re innocent until proven guilty- OR innocent until proven innocent.

(Officer Cameron Landon speaks into speaker on collar)

Alexandra Wilson: – and I was also told that- uh- this was panhandling, and that that was what the citation was for, but, the ticket- when I read the number- it didn’t even mention “panhandling”- so I was told one thing, and then it was actually another.

Officer Cameron Landon: Well, you can look up “The Vehicle Code”.

Officer Cameron Landon: I did, and that’s what I said- I looked up “The Vehicle Code” and the word “panhandling” was not in it. It was all about soliciting, which I’m not doing. I’m not selling anything. Yea, the veterans- they fought, and a lot of them died- had their- lost their families, had their heads blown off, legs blown off, really injured- some of them aren’t getting their benefits, and the- and the reason they did that, Sir, is so that you and I would put our Bill of Rights- first; NOT second; NOT behind state law- NOT behind local ordinance- NOT behind vehicle code; so that we would put that in front. Its the most important thing- so that as citizens- we are CITIZENS FIRST- all of us- before our jobs- so, I’d like-

(Officer Cameron Landon interrupts again to radio in Alexandra Wilson’s name into the speaker on his collar)

Alexandra Wilson: Freedom of Speech, right?

Officer Cameron Landon: What’s your date of birth?

(Alexandra turns to an onlooking fellow citizen, then holds up sign she is holding)

Alexandra Wilson: (to fellow citizen): Is this “Freedom of Speech”? I just want you to know about WildWillpower.org- that’s all I want you to know; Freedom of Speech; First Amendment. God bless The Bill of Rights.

Officer Cameron Landon: Uh, what was your date of birth?

Alexandra Wilson: Uh, one, twenty-six, eighty-two.

Officer Cameron Landon: One, twenty-six, eighty-two. (into speaker on collar) Its going to be a one, twenty-six, of eighty-two.

Alexandra Wilson: (to onlooking fellow citizen): Its a “peaceable assembly of information”, and this is- uh- “Freedom of Expression”, and I’m “Expressing” because you wouldn’t have this information, correct?- unless I gave it to you, right?- and so now you know about WildWillpower.org, and we’ve got a whole plan for our nation, and that’s why I’m doing this. I want you to know about this- its going to help everybody; WildWillpower.org. Its not a “non-profit”; its a “peaceable assembly of information”. (to Officer Cameron Landon): May I ask you- why are you choosing to do this?- because I was “warned” you said? So, you understand that this was the exact same citation; I’ve already been written a citation, and if I were- this would be “Double Jeopardy”, now- which is illegal under The Eighth Amendment. Do you understand that, Sir?

Officer Cameron Landon: (into speaker on collar): Ten, four; do you have a twenty-seven for a citation, please?

Alexandra Wilson: Do you understand that, Sir- that this is illegal to be tried for the same crime twice here in America, and that we are innocent until proven guilty or proven innocent? Do you understand that, Sir? Will you please-

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts) How old are you?

Alexandra Wilson: -let me know? Do you understand that, Sir? I need my question answered.

Officer Cameron Landon: I’ll answer your question after I’m done filling out this citation. I’ve got dispatch talking to me; I’m trying to talk to you, and fill this out at the same time.

Alexandra Wilson: I’m uh-

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts to take information he’s already written down) How old?

Alexandra Wilson: Umm, thirty-two years old.

Officer Cameron Landon: How old? Thirty-two? (writes it down)

Alexandra Wilson: I believe its The Eighth Amendment- is that the Eighth one?

Officer Cameron Landon: What did they give you for the last court date? Do you remember?

Alexandra Wilson: Its the sixteenth, and its the same one as this one.

Officer Cameron Landon: This one’s going to be a different court date.

Alexandra Wilson: Well, it can’t be; that’s illegal under the, uh, because we can’t-

Officer Cameron Landon: (interrupts) -because we’re in a different week now.

Alexandra Wilson: No, but you can’t be tried for a- um- the same crime twice here in the U.S., and I’ve already got a court date set for this.

Transcript of Footage from 5-21-14 Incident (seconds later)

Alexandra Wilson: (continued)tried for the same crime twice here in America; Federal Law, and so this is illegal to get this a second time, because I am innocent, and I told you that this is “Freedom of Speech”, so I’m going to stay here. Until my court date I can be here. I’m not going to be here the whole time. I’m actually only going to be here today, but I want you to know- or that’s my plans at this time- you know- plans change, but-

Officer Cameron Landon: You can stay here if you want to.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Officer Cameron Landon: I’ll be back to write you another citation though- that’s up to you-

Alexandra Wilson: -and remember that will be illegal and it will be used against you in the court of law.

Officer Cameron Landon: I need a signature from you.

Alexandra Wilson: Sure.

Officer Cameron Landon: This is not an admittance of guilt, okay? Its a promise to appear at that date and time regarding this issue.

Alexandra Wilson: Before I sign this- I want you to- do you understand that handing me this ticket and having me do this is illegal?

Officer Cameron Landon: Do you understand that if you don’t sign this ticket, that means

(both at same time):

Officer Cameron Landon: you’re demanding to be taken before a magistrate?

Alexandra Wilson: I’d be demanding to be taken before a judge now.

Alexandra Wilson: But, I have my court date set for another date. Do you understand that?

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea. That’s for a separate citation, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: But, its the same law, and you can only be tried for the same-

Officer Cameron Landon: I’m going to give you another opportunity to sign this.

Alexandra Wilson: but do you understand what I’m saying? Do you understand that?

Officer Cameron Landon: No, I don’t.

Alexandra Wilson: Okay- you don’t understand.

Officer Cameron Landon: I misunderstand what you’re saying.

Alexandra Wilson: Thank you. Thanks, okay. Well, we’ll have to teach you better at the thing.

Officer Cameron Landon: I’m going to hold onto that.

Alexandra Wilson: Okay thank you.

Officer Cameron Landon: So, go ahead and sign it.

(Alexandra Wilson signs the citation)

Alexandra Wilson: Now, what were you saying about veterans and all that stuff?

Officer Cameron Landon: I was saying they fought to defend our Bill of Rights, and that this thing is illegal- to actually-

Alexandra Wilson: So, I won’t be coming to this court date- I’ll be coming to the one on the sixteenth, cuz its all underneath the same-

Officer Cameron Landon: Actually, I am a veteran.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh, well thank you so much! So, you understand that this procedure- what I am saying- is all true, huh?

(camcorder turns to see Chief John Foster approaching)

Alexandra Wilson: Hi again.

Chief John Foster: Hi.

Alexandra Wilson: Are you a Lieutenant, Sir?

Chief John Foster: I’m something like that.

Alexandra Wilson: Hi.

Chief John Foster: (to Officer Cameron Landon): Which one did you use?

Chief John Foster: Um, also give her one for the “Muni Code”- so give her another citation- or add the- its actually a better citation because she feels that she’s, uh- we’re violating her Constitutional Rights,

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: -so the “Muni Code” one is more, um.

Alexandra Wilson: And, Sir?

Chief John Foster: Yes, ma’am?

Alexandra Wilson: You understand we can’t get tried for the same crime under Federal Law twice- here in America, and that we’re innocent until proven guilty?

Chief John Foster: So, why don’t you?

Alexandra Wilson: He already wrote me a ticket for this and-

Chief John Foster: Alright.

Alexandra Wilson: Ive already got my court date set, so he can’t give a second citation for the same crime.

Chief John Foster: Well, actually, if you get a third citation we book you in jail. So, why don’t we just talk about a place where you can do this where you won’t be in trouble and you can do it without being bothered by us. I have a couple suggestions for you- of places to go.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: Uh, you have- so, uh- once we finish this- umm, I’ll give you a couple options. There’s just a few areas in town you can’t do it, and its- and its, uh-

Alexandra Wilson: -according to the State Code, but Federal Law allows us to- but go ahead- I’ll listen to what you’re saying so we can work together because I don’t want to go to jail.

Chief John Foster: Yea- yea- I just want to work with you-

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: -and there’s a few places in the city where you can be able to do it.

Alexandra Wilson: Okay.

Chief John Foster: And, so let’s do that so you don’t have to be bothered.

Alexandra Wilson: Thank you.

Chief John Foster: Alright.

Alexandra Wilson: And, I would like- this, this citation is actually illegal- just getting it. I’ve already had my court date set and I’m innocent still, so-

Chief John Foster: Right, but that’s for a different violation.

Alexandra Wilson: No, this is the same “penal code” that they put last time.

Chief John Foster: (interrupts) Your- your battery died.

Alexandra Wilson: No it didn’t.

Chief John Foster: Ha! Made you look! (laughs)

Alexandra Wilson: Ah! You’re fun- but you understand that this is illegal to get a second one-

(Chief John Foster is shaking his head “No”.)

Alexandra Wilson: I’ve already had my court date set.

Chief John Foster: That’s a different violation. Its like if you had a speeding ticket.

Alexandra Wilson: Is this the same? This is the same code that I got for last time-

Chief John Foster: Uh, one of those is the same. One of those is the municipal code.

Alexandra Wilson: -I’m- I’m- I’m still innocent.

Chief John Foster: It would be like if you got a speeding ticket last week-

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: -and then you were speeding today.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: Its a whole separate violation.

(a fellow citizen hollers: “That’s my Aunt!”)

Chief John Foster: “Ant”- do you know him?

Alexandra Wilson: I don’t know- I think he was referring to me as a hard worker.

Chief John Foster: Oh, okay. Alright- so we’re done with this transaction so turn that off and I’ll tell you what we can do.

Alexandra Wilson: Uh, I want to leave it on.

Chief John Foster: You want to leave it on?

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: Why?

Alexandra Wilson: For my safety.

Chief John Foster: Oh.

Officer Cameron Landon: Do you feel threatened right now?

Alexandra Wilson: Not really.

Officer Cameron Landon: We’re all smiling- having a good day.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright- I’m just going to leave it on cuz-

Chief John Foster: Alright, so here’s the scoop.

Alexandra Wilson: Cuz this way it helps educate other people that I show this video to- so they know where they can go.

Chief John Foster: Excellent! Maybe we can, um, copyright it and make money off it as a training tape on where to do solicitation in Grass Valley.

Alexandra Wilson: That wouldn’t be “Free Speech” any longer, would it?

Chief John Foster: Oh- no. That’s true. Okay- so here’s the scoop; we have two ordinances- well we actually have three ordinances. We have one that you can’t solicit in the city without a solicitation license; so, that means you couldn’t go door-to-door to do that without having a license- but you’re not doing that. You just want to find a place where you can do this, um..

Alexandra Wilson: -where I can advocate the Freedom of Speech in a publicly-owned space.

Chief John Foster: Right. So-

Alexandra Wilson: -and so I can inform people about the “peaceable assembly of information” on that website.

Chief John Foster: Yea- that’s great.

Alexandra Wilson: to defend The First Amendment.

Chief John Foster: Thank you for doing that. Now, but- um- the dilemma you have is you have two- you have two issues. One- you can’t do it on offramps, um, because of the California State Vehicle Code that prohibits it- and I know your disagreement, but I’m just telling you where we come from.

Alexandra Wilson: -because you have to enforce the state code regardless- regardless of its legalities, correct?

Chief John Foster: Well-

Alexandra Wilson: -and its up to me to overturn that and so the precedence is set- is that correct?

Chief John Foster: Well, if you’re in dispute- you can always take it to the next level- which is the court, and if you are also in dispute of the law, you can go to the state legislature and have the law changed. Okay- so basically offramps are out- they’re out. Now, we have what’s called dan “aggressive panhandling ordinance”, and that basically says “anywhere- median strips, entrances to shopping centers, um- ATM, uh- in front of ATMs, um, in front of gas stations- uh- its not allowed, but everywhere else it is- and so the reason they put that in place is not because of- the intent of the law was not- it was to give people the freedom to shop, the freedom to go to the gas station without being- what they feel- being, um, harassed.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: So, if- so- for example- if you were at the corner- um- if you went down to over- I’m just pointing the shopping- on Sutton- and to where the apartments are- and you stood on the corner there- you technically wouldn’t be in violation. Um, where you were at in Nevada City yesterday with your sign- well you were actually in Nevada City, but, but there’s no problems there.

Alexandra Wilson: Where?

Chief John Foster: You were by Nevada City by-

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- where I was hitchhiking down over by Gold Flat?

Chief John Foster: Yea- you had your sign- uh huh (yea). Actually, uh, I don’t believe, um, any- our- our ordinance doesn’t apply to Nevada County or Nevada City. They have their own rules. I don’t believe they have something that- uh- prohibits you to be- like- for downtown- shopping centers- but- for us- you technically have to be- anywhere where there’s a commercial type shopping center retail setting, you’re prohibited from doing that.

Alexandra Wilson: -according to the “Municipal Code”.

Chief John Foster: Right.

Alexandra Wilson: Right- okay- but that’s an, but that’s an illegal municipal code- but we can get into that later when you find me over there-

Chief John Foster: Right.

Alexandra Wilson: cuz according to the state law we can be in front of any shopping center doing “Political Action” and “Freedom of Expression” and “Freedom of Speech”.

Chief John Foster: Exactly

Chief John Foster: So, where do you live at?

Alexandra Wilson: Robins v. Pruneyard Shopping Center.

Chief John Foster: Where do you live?

Alexandra Wilson: I’ve been twelve years “Homeless for Humanity”. Yea, I officially live in Nevada County.

Chief John Foster: So, have you ever looked into going into Hospitality House?

Alexandra Wilson: They have a “Transgender Segregation Policy”, and- which is- I understand- its for the safety of some– and comfort of some of the other people there, but that doesn’t work really well for me-

Chief John Foster: Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: –and I haven’t been able to afford my meds because the insurance company won’t cover it, and I was having a hard time- I’m technically- I’m homeless.

Chief John Foster: Got it. So- um- where have you been doing this? Give me other examples of where you’re at and I can let you know if that’s a- a place that you’re not going to have any problems with us.

Alexandra Wilson: This is the only place I’ve been- is this one spot doing this. Other than that, you might see me hitchhiking. That’s what you saw me doing yesterday.

Chief John Foster: Yea. Yea, so if you just stay out of the commercial area or on the offramp-

Alexandra Wilson: -off the offramps- off the medians, out of the shopping centers- or it violates “municipal code”, correct?

Chief John Foster: -or by- um- bus stops.

Alexandra Wilson: -or by bus stops- okay.

Officer Cameron Landon: Its a safety thing here, too- because people are distracted if they’re looking at you. This intersection right here is one of our “high-traffic intersections”; we get a lot of accidents over here, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: There’s a lot of advertisements- you know- for people to look at besides my sign. There’s many other places- they could get distracted looking at Walgreens over there advertising at them- trying to say “Come to Walgreens!”. So, there’s a lot of distractions besides me. Or-

Chief John Foster: (interrupts) Hey- did you make those shoes?

Alexandra Wilson: I crafted them. I don’t “make” anything.

Chief John Foster: Those are actually pretty cool.

Alexandra Wilson: Thanks. I call them Lightning Dancers.

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea? They’re like moccassins.

Alexandra Wilson: Kinda different- but yea- though a bit more futuristic.

(Alexandra Wilson gives both officers a “shoe tour”)

Alexandra Wilson: That’s for arch support.

Chief John Foster: I think you have enough Velcro.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

(Alexandra Wilson stands back up after finishing the shoe tour.)

Officer Cameron Landon: You don’t wan’t to lose the citation, though.

(camcorder turns and she picks citation up off ground)

Chief John Foster: Okay, so make sure you show for your court dates- now you have two court dates.

Alexandra Wilson: But only one, sixteen- when they- when they prove me innocent- or- when I prove- or- when I tell them innocent at that- at that hearing- I don’t think I can get tried for the second one- well, you were- told me about the traffic; we have disagreements there.

Officer John Foster: Well, you can (difficult to understand), but I want to make sure you know you don’t forget your dates because then it turns into a warrant,

Alexandra Wilson: Right.

Officer John Foster: and you don’t want a warrant.

Alexandra Wilson: No, I’ll be there on the sixteenth. When did you set this one for?

Officer Cameron Landon: Uh, the date’s on the bottom of that. The date’s different because we’re in a different week now, so our court calendar is going to be different.

Alexandra Wilson: Six, twenty- what’s that say?

Officer Cameron Landon: Six, twenty- here, let me- (takes back citation to correct it) That didn’t trace all the way through. Twenty-fifth. Two o-clock.

Alexandra Wilson: Twenty-fifth.

Officer Cameron Landon: Let me write that on there here. Twenty-fifth.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright.

Officer Cameron Landon: Thanks.

Chief John Foster: So, here- let me give you my phone number. If you come up with a- if you- if you write it- or you come up with an area that you have a question about, you can call me-

End Transcript

[End Transcript]

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