Event #1: Footage & Transcript from 5-17-14 (aka “Pack the Courtroom!” pre-trial documentary pt.1)

     Below is the footage w/ commentary by Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson, henceforth referred to as “Distance”, “I”, “me”, and other references to “self”; the following is a firsthand account.

   On 5-17-14 this first of several events occurred involving persons performing the roles of Public Officials and myself.

   During these first two events, persons sworn to uphold the duties of Grass Valley Police/Peace Officers utilized both California State Vehicle Code 22520.5 “Vending On or Near Freeways”and  Grass Valley Municipal Code Chapter 12.50 “Prohibition Against Intrusive and Unsafe Panhandling” after citing Supreme Court Rulings and First Amendment Protection for my actions- which I strongly indicated was part of a national plan I was conveying to people and that was the primary purpose to my being there- to enact the plan after years of work.

   I have personally invested years in developing the websites I was informing people about and simply “pointing them to the websites” alongside brief descriptions when they asked.  When I was handed Federal Reserve Notes by people- I knew that these actions were protected by Buckley v. Valeo, and told the officers this.

   I will say that I highly-doubt these Officers were aware of scope of what their actions interfered with, but as you will witness in the below video the first of two events where the Officials of the Grass Valley Police Department illegally violated my civil rights under color of law.

   I am seeking a public address to a  Letter of Wishes I’ve prepared that will hopefully help prevent these types of mishaps from occurring in the future for the safety both Civilians and Public Officials and in honour of the Bill of Rights.

   I am also seeking cmpensation for damages, including personal injury, time lost, and compensation from our campaign falling flat prematurely due to the sudden need to shift gears and deal this with issue.

    I put this following video together in order to bring this issue to the public eye before the trial which took place on Wednesday, July 23rd at the Nevada County Superior Court in Nevada City, California in front of Her Honour, Judge Linda Sloven.

   Below this video are links to other sections of this case, followed by the transcript of this event which includes legal codes that are referenced throughout the below footage.  Below the transcript are photographs of the citation as well as of the business cards of the persons responsible for upholding their roles as officials who are involved with this case:

Event #1   May 17th, 2014


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Transcript of Footage from 5-17-14 Incident

[Begin Transcript]

Officer Cloyd: (notebook and pen in hand) What’s your name?

Alexandra Wilson: Uh- I’d rather not give it to you- right now- at this time.

Officer Cloyd: (begins to put pen away) Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: Its Alec- am I being detained?

Officer Cloyd: Well, unless- I tell you what- I’m not going to run you this time,

Alexandra Wilson: Thank you Sir. God bless you with-

Officer Cloyd: but you gotta- you gotta move.

Alexandra Wilson: …all my heart. I love you so much or I wouldn’t have done this ever.

Officer Cloyd: That’s fine- & I appreciate that

Alexandra Wilson: I don’t have to move; this is totally legal.

Officer Cloyd: Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: Can you show me the ruling that says- that you believe it says its illegal?

Officer Cloyd: Its in the Grass Valley Municipal Code.

Alexandra Wilson: Will you please show that to me?

Officer Cloyd: I can- give me one second-

Alexandra Wilson: Thank you-

Officer Cloyd: Just give me one second.

Alexandra Wilson: because that’s an illegal local ordinance & its actually overruled by Federal Law so if I’m ticketed for it I’ll be– um- suing in Federal Court.

Officer Cloyd: Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: Thanks.

(Officer Cloyd speaks into the microphone on his collar)

Alexandra Wilson: I’m trying to protect our nation. (turns to fellow citizen who is looking in on the situation) Hey- uh- WildWillpower.org!! Check it out brother!!!

Passenger: Alright!

Officer Cloyd: What kind of guitar is that?

Alexandra Wilson: Its a Bissas Enterprise- its from India.

Officer Cloyd: Huh.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea- so I’m just letting people know- its totally free speech- this is a public zone right here.

Officer Cloyd: What’s that?

Alexandra Wilson: Its a public zone right here- so its just free speech. I’m not panhandling– this is not panhandling.

Officer Cloyd: Are you out here by yourself or do you have more–

Alexandra Wilson: Uh huh- yea. You’re welcome to support the cause if you’d like to clock out & take a quick break. You’re welcome to… (muffled from wind)

Officer Cloyd: No. I can’t.

Alexandra Wilson: Right on. I mean, they’ve been making these illegal local ordinances & its important that we stand up for our rights. Do you mind taking off your sunglasses for just a moment so I can see your eyes?

Officer Cloyd: *muffled from wind* (Officer Cloyd indicated “No. Its bright out here.”)

Alexandra Wilson: Um, okay- right on. I’d feel more comfortable- that’s why I said it. Huh- cool!

Officer Cloyd: Um- its too bright out here.

Alexandra Wilson: Will you check my website later?

Officer Cloyd: I might. I might.

Alexandra Wilson: WildWillpower.org; I did this to save humanity. I’ve got a better plan for our country than any of the presidents. We’re going to bring acorn flour, buckeye flour, pine nuts,

(girl in vehicle drives by and cheers out window. Alexandra Wilson yelps back. Girl cheers again and continues driving by.)

Alexandra Wilson: 

(continues sentence) -uh- …pine nuts- all this stuff! Its better than destroying the planet, & most of these jobs today- we either have to kill animals, *wind muffles*, & a lot of these animals are treated in Holocaust-like conditions in factory farms, & a lot of these industries are ecologically-destructive- so this is the only ecologically-beneficial production-based economy that’s in the country. We’re not going to offer anything wrapped in garbage. All wildharvesting cooperatives will offer it in bulk, or in planet-considerate packaging cuz we gotta get rid of that old paradigm & we’re doing it peaceably & legally.

Officer Cloyd: Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: Yep, I’m a Reverend of The Church of Human, Animal, & Wild Natural Freedom.

Officer Cloyd: Alright.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Officer Cloyd: So- so, how many supporters do you think you have?

Alexandra Wilson: I don’t have any supporters. If I had supporters I’d have a Prius V right now, & you wouldn’t even see me here.

Officer Cloyd: Oh.

Alexandra Wilson: I’d be out in the mountains documenting. Yea, I’m just trying to sponsor a disabled veteran who hasn’t been getting his military benefits & I’m just doing my best with what we’ve got,

Officer Cloyd: Alright.

Alexandra Wilson: & its my rights to help protect your country & mine.

Officer Cloyd: Okay. Oh, in fact-. *points to vehicle, camcorder turns*

Alexandra Wilson: Who’s this?

Officer Cloyd: I’m going to go speak with this gentleman here.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- all right- beautiful. Blessings. Hiya. Hi, Officer- I’m filming- I just want you to know, Sir.

Chief John Foster: Keep on my good side.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- beautiful.

(Officers discuss with each other)

Chief John Foster: So, what’s your name?

Alexandra Wilson: Alexandra.

Chief John Foster: Alexandra, so are you from the area?

Alexandra Wilson: Uh huh (yes).

Chief John Foster: Cool. Have you lived here long?

Alexandra Wilson: I mean, not- not originally- no.

Chief John Foster: Yea?

Alexandra Wilson: I’m originally from Iowa.

Chief John Foster: Iowa?

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: What brought you here?

Alexandra Wilson: To start Nevada County Wildharvesting Cooperative.

Chief John Foster: Oh.

Alexandra Wilson: To bring acorn flour & pine nuts & stuff to markets from Tahoe. I’m just trying to tell these people about WildWillpower.org.

Chief John Foster: Yea?

Alexandra Wilson: That’s the place where they can learn all this knowledge & I’m just trying to free speech some people out here-

Chief John Foster: Yea?

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Chief John Foster: Well, unfortunately we have a municipal code that doesn’t allow you to do that.

Alexandra Wilson: Well, its federally-protected-

Chief John Foster: Well- *considers*

Alexandra Wilson: -so if the municipal code is in violation of federal-

Chief John Foster: Well, I tell you what- I’ll issue you a citation & then you can go before a judge & you can talk through it with our judge.

Alexandra Wilson: If you issue a citation, I would also like alongside it a complaint form from your agency so we can file it back to you because its an illegal, unConstitutional local ordinance. Thank you.

Chief John Foster: We, um- our ordinances are, um- um- crafted by our city attorney who’s a licensed, state bar attorney, & so we do it under his guidance-

Alexandra Wilson: Okay

Chief John Foster: &, so we didn’t create the ordinance- the city attorney created the ordinance-

Alexandra Wilson: Yea- its an illegal local ordinance- yea.

Chief John Foster: So, um-

Alexandra Wilson: UnConstitutional

Chief John Foster: Well, that’s your opinion.

Alexandra Wilson: No- it really is. I know. I’ve researched this stuff for years. I know it is, & in fact that’s why I’ve got to get the complaint form is so I can file it to your agency, & if your agency doesn’t drop the charges, & actually continues sending me letters on it, it would be harassment, & then I could sue you in federal court- but I don’t want to do that- that’s why I’m telling you. I’d rather just have our freedom of speech protected- just like I’m protecting the nation- & if we’re all on the same board & we tell all these people who are making these illegal local ordinances, “You know- your county is in The United States of America, & veterans died to protect these rights- & we’re not going to sell them out to corporations just because they got paid enough to do that.

Chief John Foster: Okay. (he turns)

Alexandra Wilson: God bless you, Sir. Thank you, Sir. (Camcorder turns, & another Grass Valley police vehicle is there. Chief John Foster and Officer Cameron Landon are speaking, and then Chief John Foster turns to meet with Officer Cloyd in other vehicle.) What’s the citation say, Sir?

Chief John Foster: I’ll tell you as soon as I get back.

Alexandra Wilson: I mean- the ordinance? I’d like to see the law. (turns to people in cars & holds up sign) WildWillpower.org! (passenger indicates to hear what is happening) Hey- check out WildWillpower.org. They’re trying to bar my free speech, but its not going to happen. (passenger asks something muffled from wind) Um, they have an illegal, local ordinance they’re trying to enforce, so I’m going to have to sue them in Federal Court if they try to give me a ticket for harassment. Its an unConstitutional local ordinance. They’re calling this “panhandling”; I call this freedom of speech.

Chief John Foster: Oh- yea!

Alexandra Wilson: Woo! Defending the nation- but I don’t get a paycheck for it- right? God bless the hippies!

Fellow Citizen: You don’t pay taxes!

Alexandra Wilson: Yea I do! Oh- I pay the Hell out of taxes! (Camcorder turns to see officers discussing. Alexandra Wilson turns and hollers to fellow citizens): God bless freedom of speech in America! The First Amendment! First Amendment! This is The First Amendment! Bill of Rights! The Bill of Rights was crafted after The Iroquois Confederacy! Did you guys know that? That’s awesome. Woo! (Chief Foster approaches; Alexandra Wilson says to him): The Bill of Rights was crafted after The Iroquois Confederacy. (Officer Cameron Landon enters in front of camcorder.)

Officer Cameron Landon: How are you doing?

Alexandra Wilson: I’m doing- so happy.

Officer Cameron Landon: Sorry- what was your name again? I talked to you before-

Alexandra Wilson: Alexandra- how are you? What’s your name?

Officer Cameron Landon: Cameron. Good to see you again.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea, good to see you again as well.

Alexandra Wilson: Just using some free speech.

Officer Cameron Landon: Do you have an ID on you?

Alexandra Wilson: Uh- no I don’t; I actually left it in the vehicle- of someone’s car.

Officer Cameron Landon: Oh, okay- you lost it?

Alexandra Wilson: Yea- just doing some First Amendment Freedom of Speech & I’m loving our country & I’m loving you for everything that you do- so- yea!

Officer Cameron Landon: *points at sign* Is that that website you were telling me about awhile ago- you were doing your *muffled*

Alexandra Wilson: Yea! Yea!

Officer Cameron Landon: How’s that coming?

Alexandra Wilson: I’m doing my best to spread the word & let people know.

Officer Cameron Landon: Cool. Do you guys have an office somewhere or-

Alexandra Wilson: No- no- not yet.

Officer Cameron Landon: I looked it up last time- I couldn’t find it.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh, really?

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea.

Alexandra Wilson: You’ll find it this time. I don’t know why you didn’t find it. Its right there. I’ve typed it in on other peoples’ computers, too.

Officer Cloyd: What did you say your name was?

Alexandra Wilson: Alexandra.

Officer Cameron Landon: Alexandra- you said you’re from Nevada County- no- you’re from Iowa.

Alexandra Wilson: No- I live in Nevada County.

Officer Cloyd: Oh- okay. Whereabouts?

Alexandra Wilson: What’s that?

Officer Cloyd: Whereabouts?

Alexandra Wilson: Where do I live here?

Officer Cloyd: Yea- I’m just curious where you live here.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- uh. Why do you need to know?

Officer Cloyd: Um, because actually I’m going to write you this citation right here.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- you can’t give me a citati- could you show me the law before you give me a citation? I haven’t seen the law yet.

Officer Cloyd: I- I am The Law;


Alexandra Wilson: No- what’s the ordinance say?

Officer Cloyd: I’m telling you that you’re not allowed to- its- its actually in The Vehicle Code. Okay? If you’d like to know its actually 22520.5 in The Vehicle Code.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea

Officer Cloyd: Okay- it states that “you’re not allowed to panhandle”-

Pause Transcript: NOTE: V C Section 22520.5 “Vending On or Near Freeways” reads:

22520.5.  (a) No person shall solicit, display, sell, offer for sale, or otherwise vend or attempt to vend any merchandise or service while being wholly or partly within any of the following:

(1) The right-of-way of any freeway, including any on ramp, off ramp, or roadway shoulder which lies within the right-of-way of the freeway.

(2) Any roadway or adjacent shoulder within 500 feet of a freeway off ramp or on ramp.

(3) Any sidewalk within 500 feet of a freeway off ramp or on ramp, when vending or attempting to vend to vehicular traffic.

(b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to a roadside rest area or vista point located within a freeway right-of-way which is subject to Section 22520.6, to a tow truck or service vehicle rendering assistance to a disabled vehicle, or to a person issued a permit to vend upon the freeway pursuant to Section 670 of the Streets and Highways Code.

(c) A violation of this section is an infraction. A second or subsequent conviction of a violation of this section is a misdemeanor.

Continue Transcript:

Alexandra Wilson: I’m not “panhandling”.

Pause Transcript: NOTE: According to TheFreeDictionary.com, “Panhandle” is defined:


To approach strangers and beg for money or food.


1. To approach and beg from (a stranger).

2. To obtain by approaching and begging from a stranger:

Officer Cloyd: Yes- you are.

Alexandra Wilson: No- I’m not.

Officer Cloyd: “-within five hundred feet of an onramp or an offramp”– okay? Which is right where you are.

Alexandra Wilson: Within five hundred feet of an onramp or offramp?

Officer Cloyd: Yea.

Alexandra Wilson: These are public spaces, right? We have Freedom of Speech & this is actually-

Officer Cloyd: No, this is actually a- a California Vehicle Code-

Alexandra Wilson: Yea- but this is a Federal Law- The Bill of Rights, my friend.

Officer Cloyd: That doesn’t count. That doesn’t mean anything right here though.

Officer Cameron Landon: That doesn’t negate the panhandling. See? (quotes sign) “Supplies Needed”.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- okay- but I’m not panhandling.

Officer Cloyd: Well- what do you need supplies for?

Alexandra Wilson: No- I’m telling people about the website- & “Supplies Needed”- that’s Freedom of Speech- is it not? It’s not- is it?

Officer Cameron Landon: You told me that you’re looking for a new Prius Five.

Alexandra Wilson: Do you believe in The Bill of Rights? Do you think its a good thing? Do you think its good we should have a Bill of Rights in this nation?

Officer Cameron Landon: Absolutely.

Alexandra Wilson: Are you- ummm- would you like to uphold that with me? (officers talking to each other) So- this is an illegal local ordinance, right? So- I’m going to have to do a class-action lawsuit for “Homeless Harassment Laws”, huh?

Officer Cameron Landon: Well, you’ll have that opportunity when you get to go to court for that.

Alexandra Wilson: That will be wonderful- yea.

Officer Cameron Landon: What was your last name again? Was it “Byrd”?

Alexandra Wilson: Does it matter?

Officer Cameron Landon: Well, it does for the citation.

Alexandra Wilson: Ummmm- I think that I need to- umm- I’d like to speak with my lawyer.

Officer Cameron Landon: Well- is your lawyer here right now?

Alexandra Wilson: Am I being detained?

Officer Cameron Landon: Yes, you are being detained.

Alexandra Wilson: Oh- I am being detained- its- “Wilson” is my last name. (to “Chief Foster” approaching): Hi there.

Chief John Foster: – I see that- I’d like to get a complaint form from your agency. Do you have one with you?

Officer Cameron Landon: Um, you’ll have to walk over to the P.D. & pick one up. I don’t carry one with me.

Alexandra Wilson: Could I get a card- a business card card from each of you- each of your cards, please?

Officer Cameron Landon: Sure.

Alexandra Wilson: Thank you.

Officer Cloyd: As soon as we’re done here with this citation I’ll give you my card.

Alexandra Wilson: Well, I don’t want this citation. Its actually an illegal local ordinance- UnConstitutional.

Officer Cloyd: Oh- okay- well, unfortunately, if you don’t sign it, then we’d have to take you to jail because you’d be demanding to go before a judge- okay?– by refusing to sign.

Alexandra Wilson: Well, I don’t have time for that.

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea, most people don’t have time to go to jail. Its kind of a hassle.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea- it is. I wouldn’t do this to you guys. If you were right here, I’d just be like, “Go on! Its totally legal.”

Officer Cloyd: I you wanna give me an address- because I gotta have somewhere where this can be mailed- where information can be mailed- because then if you don’t get that, then there would be a- like, a warrant- so- you see what I mean. So- uh-

Alexandra Wilson: So- is this a public space? That’s what I want to know. Is this a public space- publicly-owned?

Officer Cameron Landon: Sure- everybody’s welcome on the road, right?

Alexandra Wilson: Okay- then go ahead; its one, two, eight, three, zero, Pinewoods Road.

Officer Cloyd: Pinewoods?

Alexandra Wilson: Yea- this is great- I’m going to help defend your guys’s freedoms & help overturn this UnConstitutional law because I don’t think…- I’m sorry that you guys have to enforce this crap!

Officer Cloyd: Is this “Grass Valley”, Nevada City”…?

Alexandra Wilson: Its Nevada City. I’m really sorry that you guys have to enforce UnConstitutional laws, & I’m going to help do this class-action lawsuit so that you guys won’t ever have to do this again, because I know you signed up for these jobs so that you could support America and what we’re about, right!?

Officer Cameron Landon: Uh- what was your correct, legal last name?

Alexandra Wilson: Wilson still.

Officer Cloyd: Wilson. Alright. Good.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea. Uh- I’m going to grab my bag if that’s alright- its just right here.

Officer Cameron Landon: Uh- give it just one second. We’re almost done.

Officer Cloyd: You can just sit tight- we’ll get you out of here in just a minute.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright- so after this ticket I can go on with my Free Speech, right?

Officer Cameron Landon: Well- just be aware if you get three of those, its a misdemeanor, & we’ll have to take you to jail for that. Its gotta three convictions, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: Three convictions?

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea.

Alexandra Wilson: What’s that mean?

Officer Cloyd: Well, this is a citation, okay? Its going to be a “Notice to Appear”. You’re going to get assigned a court date. You’re going to go before a judge. You’re going to explain the situation, okay? When you do that, they’re either going to excuse it or convict you for that, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: Okay.

Officer Cameron Landon: If you get three convictions, alright?- after that it becomes a misdemeanor.

Alexandra Wilson: Yea, but this is totally legal. You agree with me on that, right? I mean- totally legal. This is legal. What I’m doing is legal. This is Freedom of Speech. *holds up sign* Is this a form of “Freedom of Speech” to show this to people?

Officer Cameron Landon: Its just a particular code that its breaking.

Alexandra Wilson: Well, I’m just asking- is this a form of “Freedom of Speech”? Is this (holding up sign) “Freedom of Speech”? “Congress shall make no law inhibiting in any way “Freedom of Speech”. Is this (holds sign up again) “speech”?

Officer Cameron Landon: Depends on how you interpret it. To me, it looks like “panhandling”.

Alexandra Wilson: When corporations give money- in 1973, it was ruled that giving money is a “form of political expression”- which is protected by The First Amendment. So, if a corporation can give a bunch of money, can’t anybody give a bunch of money as a form of political expression- which is protected underneath The First Amendment?

Officer Cameron Landon: I don’t know. You just threw out a lot of verbiage right there. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say. Could you say that in English- like “plain speech”?

Alexandra Wilson: Um, “giving money” is a form of political expression according to the federal law.

Officer Cameron Landon: Okay.

Alexandra Wilson: So “panhandling”, therefore- which I’m not doing- actually- I’m just communicating- which is Freedom of Speech– um- this is- uh- federally protected underneath The First Amendment- which- I believe- you all took an Oath to uphold our Bill of Rights; did you not in first grade when you pledged allegiance to The Flag of The United States of America?

Officer Cloyd: I hate to- I hate to- I hate to interrupt you. Are you ready to sign this? I don’t mean to interrupt I mean- you’re doing good, but-

Alexandra Wilson: Um, what am I signing this for?

Officer Cloyd: Right here at this “X”, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: Yea.

Officer Cloyd: The reason you’re signing this is for everything we just talked about, okay?

Alexandra Wilson: About what?

Officer Cloyd: I’m citing you for the Vehicle Code section about “panhandling”, alright? Your court date will be six, eighteen, fourteen- at eight thirty.

Alexandra Wilson: But you understand I’m not panhandling, right? You understand that I’m communicating Freedom of Speech, right?

Officer Cloyd: Well, in my opinion its “Panhandling”, so that’s why I’m citing-

Alexandra Wilson: So, what am I signing to? What am I saying?

Officer Cloyd: You’re saying that you will appear in court- that’s it. At this point, you’re saying that on six, eighteen, you will appear in court at 8:30 in Nevada City- your home town, okay? Right here on 201 Church Street.

Alexandra Wilson: yea!

Officer Cloyd: That’s it- and the judge is going to say, “Okay- “I agree with the officer” or “I agree with you.” That’s it. So after that- me & you are going to have no more contact.

Alexandra Wilson: I feel like this is harassment. You’re harassing me.

Officer Cloyd: And- we will take- if you refuse to sign- we’ll just take you to jail because its “either you go to court in front of a judge on six, eighteen, at eight thirty”, or essentially you go to court right now.

Alexandra Wilson: And if I go to court right now- I’m just asking- because I want to be really clear.

(Officer Cameron Landon reminds Officer Cloyd its Friday)

Officer Cloyd: Actually you’d be in jail until Monday- cuz we couldn’t keep you in court.

Alexandra Wilson: I just want to know- I’m only signing to acknowledge that you’re giving me a citation for panhandling. Is that correct?

Officer Cloyd: Well, you’re signing- you’re not admitting to guilt. Right? Does that make sense?

Alexandra Wilson: Right. I’m just signing to acknowledge that you are giving me a ticket for panhandling & that I’ll go to court.

Officer Cloyd: Yea- that you’ll go to court at this time- that’s it!

Alexandra Wilson: Alright.

Officer Cloyd: That’s the point.

Alexandra Wilson: That- that- that the accusation is “panhandling”, but I’m not actually panhandling. Okay- that’s what I’m signing to?

Officer Cloyd: I’m going to hang onto this.

Alexandra Wilson: Okay, I’m just going to switch hands.

Officer Cloyd: That’s fine. Right here in this box. I just need your signature.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright. (signs) Okay- and, I’d still like a card from each of you and a complaint form for your agency.

Officer Cloyd: Well, I don’t have any complaint forms. You can just walk down to the police department.

Alexandra Wilson: Will they send me one in the mail if I call them?

Officer Cloyd: Um, possibly. Yea- they might do that.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright, um.

Officer Cloyd: I could give you my name and my badge number, but I don’t have a card on me.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright, could you write that down? I would like that written on the same piece of paper from all of you if I may- or a card-great.

Officer Cameron Landon: (begins pulling out business card) I’m not going to write anything on it, but you can have it.

Alexandra Wilson: Sure. Great. God bless you all. This is great. This will help all of us- (“Chief Foster” hands card) so we can overturn this crap- and we can get America back on track to real freedom that we were all guaranteed.

Officer Cameron Landon AND Officer Cloyd: Okay.

Officer Cameron Landon: Yea.

Alexandra Wilson: (receives card from Officer Cameron Landon.) Thank you so much.

Officer Cloyd: (hands citation) …and if you hang onto this one.

Alexandra Wilson: (Hands cards to Officer Cloyd) …and f you could just write it on the back of one of these ones it would be more convenient for me.

Officer Cloyd: Sure- hang on one second. (clipping his copy of citation in clipboard) So I don’t lose track of this guy here. Let me see that card again.

Alexandra Wilson: (hands cards to Officer Cloyd) Okay. (he hands it back) Beautiful!

Officer Cloyd: As you can see, that matches my name tag.

Alexandra Wilson: Could you write your badge number on there, please?

Officer Cloyd: (writes it) Can you read that okay?

Alexandra Wilson: Four, zero, one, seven?

Officer Cloyd: That’s it.

Alexandra Wilson: Alright- blessings to you all. Thanks. I’ll just move to another spot now. Alright- blessings to you all. Thanks. I’ll just move to another spot now.