Updates to this case-in-progress are currently being made public via this website & the below links under firsthand accounts by Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson below:

I affirm everything below to be true to the best of my knowledge, & I’m continuing to study & edit as needed until all the facts are in place.

Case Overview:

 I believe the officers involved with this case to have been doing their job to they best of their knowledge however proper procedure according to United States Code was not followed, & I am now seeking restitution for civil rights violations, personal injury damages, & also for the damages to the national campaign I’d been developing for many years which was interrupted & now has fallen flat as a direct result of myself needing to shift gears & deal with these arisen legal matters.

All the case evidence- including police footage with personal commentary & testimony- can be found below (updated pre-affidavit video evidence & case legal analysis coming asap).

To foreshadow, & for the sake of keeping everything to most benefit for all, I will be seeking for all Public Officials throughout the State of California (& beyond!) to receive in-depth training pertaining to the prioritization of the protection of all peoples’ civil rights, and to re-affirm their Constitutional Oaths in the true original meaning of those Oaths of Office- for the safety & legal benefit of ALL PEOPLE– public official AND civilian.

I will also be seeking some other vast improvements upon the United States judicial system for public benefit- with deep consideration to personal freedoms; I’ve prepared a unique “Letter of Wishesregarding these changes that will be presented to The Supreme Court of the United States– which can be found at the end of this presentation.

Distance Everheart full gear

Above:  Me in my highly-efficient hand-crafted wilderness gear made from secondhand materials & native techniques from around the world, & original design.  I plan to help others “craft themselves rent-free” as part of a program in-the-making called Cashmere for the Homeless.  These designs will help people “gear up” after Wild Willpower’s “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” campaign gets fixed up & re-launched, with improvements that are still behind the scenes that were never put into place due to the recent interruptions.

Quick Backstory:

I began walking the United States August 7th, 2002 in order to begin writing a rock & roll opera that had begun coming to me that felt of great importance following a series of unique personal experiences, & also to seek a life closer among the wilderness & to “find songs” along the way.

Petaluma Bard

Above:  Me performing publicly in downtown Petaluma, California while communicating about the unique content of national importance on

During this quest, I met a dear friend named Richard Lonewolf, who taught me much of what I know today while out among the Mojave Desert & Sequoia National Forest & surrounding areas.  He is a Traditional Native American Medicine Man & WIld Skills Expert of the Tsalagi & Lakota nations.

Lonewolf Final Flyer THIS ONE

Above:  This is the first flier I put together for Lonewolf before building his website at & also before building or any of the project websites.  I put together all these websites as foundations to help us orchestrate the campaign with ease.

Click here to read an endorsement letter by Richard Lonewolf regarding “Wild Willpower’s plan”

I also met several of the co-founders of The California Lichen Society as well- including Bill Hill– who has been teaching me the intricate art (science) of “lichen identification” for many years now.  He also taught me in-depth knowledge regarding their historical uses, modern conservation efforts, & in general “what they are”.  I have since begun developing the first ever “online lichen identification keys” for free on

Lichen Wizard


Above:  The “Lichen Wizard” Bill Hill, co-founder of The California Lichen Societyin all his wizardly glory!

Click here to read an endorsement letter from Bill Hill regarding Wild Willpower’s plan

Not only have I invested many years in beginning to build Lonewolf’s website at & also volunteering alongside The California Lichen Society for several years at public events, but also I’ve been putting together & several “project websites” (including this one) to help bring these very impressive “wilderness skillsets”- & other unique sets of hard-to-find knowledge- into a construct that will be made into a very highly-advanced website & smartphone app that may be used to coordinate with forest officials so that all across the United States we may begin bringing wild foods- & much more- from National Forests, Parks, & Seashores, State Parks & Wildlife Preserves- & other public spaces- to markets using ecologically-restorative Positive-Impact harvesting Techniques“.  

WildLivingSkills business card green

Above:  One of the first graphics I put together for, which is being designed to help communities better coordinate with forest officials when filing “Special Forest Product Permits” as part of the Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America Campaign I set up.

All This Turned Into a National Campaign:

Pic 4 IndiGogo

Below is the “campaign primer” video that my sweetheart Kevin Byrd & I put together before the “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” campaign was put up:


After over 11 years living in financial poverty while utilizing my guitar & singing original songs to help spread the message & continue developing the vision- earning barely enough to get by while doing what I knew to be most important– & also facing tough circumstances including the recent deaths of two loversall this work has culminated into a national campaign called “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America; New Hi-Tech App to Help Fix U.S. Economy” which took years to prepare, & which also required full-time work by myself to get lifted off the ground while cinching all the “loose threads” into place.  In order to let people know what I’d developed, I would need the help of The First Amendment.

First Amendment Graphic

Above graphic from:

   “Thomas Jefferson once claimed, “A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free.”  This was the commonly held attitude of the “enlightened” men who settled the United States.  The framers of the Constitution believed that if the new U.S. citizens failed to take care to share information completely among themselves, they would be worse off than they had been as subjects of the British monarchy they fled.”


My First Amendment Rights were violated.

Beginning on May 17th and again on May 21st, my campaign efforts were interrupted & interfered with by officials on behalf of the City of Grass Valley who accused me of violating a California State Vehicle Code (for “soliciting”) & also a Grass Valley Municipal Code (for “panhandling”) after having not performed a proper investigation.

I filmed both these events, & put them online after inserting relevant United States Codes throughout the footage as part of a 3-part pre-trial “Pack the Courtroom!” documentary.

The hearing (June 25th) & trial (July 23rd) were also quite eventful, & included placing a “whammy of a piece of evidence” as “Exhibit A” in front of Her Honourable Justice Linda J. Sloven of The Superior Courthouse of California; County of Nevada during the trial.

The good news is that I learned a lot during this process- & I’ve been compiling everything into a new 3-part documentary that will help everyone learn from this in a way that should greatly benefit the future of our judicial system by helping to get it “back on track” as originally designed.

The free online documentary, called Civil Rights Self Defense, will include several commonly-needed statutes that I personally color-coordinated using statutes from the United States Code.  Here are a few examples of just some of the color-coordinated codes you will find throughout the “case description pages” & new documentary which will help you explore the case & “decide for yourself”, & also begin to learn- as I have- “how the U.S. legal system works”:

Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law 1 good

Intervention of right

Action for Neglect to Prevent 1

Witness Everything & Feel Free to “Weigh in on the Evidence” Below:

Just below are links to the original two police interactions, as originally presented in the pre-trial “Pack the Courtroom!” documentaries.  “Part 3” was never finished in time, but is referenced within these two videos.  The content that was intended to be presented in part 3, however, will be available & made of higher quality within the upcoming Civil Rights Self Defense.  

Event #1:  Original Footage & Transcript from May 17th, 2014 w/ Relevant U.S. Code embedded throughout (aka “Pack the Courtroom!” pre-trial documentary pt. 1)

Event #2:  Original Footage & Transcript from May 21st, 2014 w/ Relevant U.S. Codes embedded throughout (aka “Pack the Courtroom!” pre-trial documentary pt. 2)

I filed 2 “Liability Claims” with the City of Grass Valley following the events:

Event #3:  I filed 2 “Liability Claim” forms w/ The City of Grass Valley

During the pre-trial hearing, my “First Amendment Right to Record the Trial” was Illegally denied due to a faulty media policy given to me by “G. SEAN METROKA”, “COURT EXECUTIVE OFFICER” of The Superior Court of California; County of Nevada Courthouse:

G Sean Metroka officer

Click the below link to become witness to the faulty “MEDIA POLICY” this man gave me that was used to interfere with my First, Fifth, & Fourteenth Amendment Rights:

Event #4:  The Pre-Trail Hearing on June 25th, 2014:  “Right to Record the Trial” Denied due to Nevada County Superior Courthouse’s faulty “MEDIA POLICY”

Both “Pack the Courtroom!” pre-trial documentaries were embedded into this unique, in-depth webpage that would eventually be placed into “Evidence” during the actual Trial:

Event #5:  I put both Pre-Trial “Pack the Courtroom!” documentaries & Developing Counter-Suit Placed into Evidence as “Exhibit A”

What Happened During The Trial:

Event #6:  The Trial on Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 and the Events that Transpired

I am seeking remedy of 1.1 million dollars in regards to the personal injuries I have suffered, the civil rights violations I suffered, & also in compensation for the campaign that fell flat after years of preparation under extreme circumstances, which will not be accomplished now this year as planned due to me being sidetracked and called into action in response to these “legal events”.  I am also seeking restitution for my time lost- which has been thoroughly logged here:

Total Time Lost Log

New documentary “Civil Rights Self Defense” will be online within the week, & then this case will be able to be moved forward.

To contact me regarding this case, email

& now,  the second official United States flag, The Pine Tree Flag:

An Appeal to Heaven

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  2. This is epic! I hope all goes swimmingly. Was wondering if you should put “legal defense” in quotes as you have, or maybe you should put ‘supposed’ “legal defense” or something along those lines as quoting “legal defense” as you have into an actual trial might be used against you in a court of law as they might claim you are agreeing their case is legal. I could be wrong and I know much much these things. Just a thought. I hope you show them what for!

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